Rushon Petite - 6 Pk- Light Pale

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Rushon Petite brush pens are thin and light, but carry a wide variety of pastel colors for many applications. Utilizing water-based ink, the colors flow gently out of the elastic resin nib, making coloring a breeze! When used with different writing pressures, you can easily color to specific shapes and contours when needed. Unlike many other brush pens, the Rushon Petite have the advantage of being so lightweight that you can store several pens even in a cramped space! Never leave a color behind!

NOTE: Sample pictures may not be representative of the specific colors included in this set.

Colors Included: Pastel Peach, Brush Pink, Cream Yellow, Celadon, Aqua Gray, Oyster Gray

Ink Type: Water-Based

Tip Style: Resin Nib (brush)