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Zebra's Clickart pens use a specially formulated ink that prevents drying out, allowing it to be cap-less! This is achieved by absorbing the natural moisture in the air, ensuring the ink spreads normally from the felt tip while also drying on paper. Not only does the special ink make it convenient to use, it also prevents smearing and color bleeding.

 Standard Colors 

 Light Colors 

 Dark Colors 

Black Cherry Pink Light Brown
Blue Peach Pink Dark Brown
Red Pale Blue Blue Black
Green Pale Orange Blue Green
Yellow Salmon Pink Smokey Blue
Brown Aqua Blue
Red Black
Pink Baby Red
Violet Leaf Green
Orange Marigold
Green Black
Gray Cocoa Brown
Red Orange
Light Blue Lavender Blue Gray
Light Green Mint Green Turquoise Blue


Single Marker - $2.30

12 Color Set - $26.40

36 Color Set - $79.20

Ink Type: Water-Based

Marker Style: Knock, Cap-Less, Felt 0.6mm Tip