Style Fit - Meister 3 Color Holder

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Uni's Style Fit series allows you to customize your pen to suit your specific needs. With a wide range of 16 colors of gel ink, 3 colors of ballpoint ink, and an optional pencil cartridge, there are endless combinations you can make. All Style Fit refills and holders are completely interchangeable, meaning there is less confusion about choosing the correct refill for the correct pen. Simply choose a Style Fit holder and select which refills you would like to insert into it.

To Install Refills

  1. Twist the cap of the refill case to break the label. Then, pull the cap to reveal the ink cartridge. Separate the cap from the ink cartridge.
  2. Twist the tip of the holder to separate it from the main body.
  3. Push the refills into the designated holes inside of the main body. (There is no 'click', so simply push as far inwards as possible)
  4. Once all refills are inserted, replace the tip by twisting it back onto the main body

Your Style Fit pen is now ready for use!

NOTE: Signo refills will have a wax cover on the tip to protect the cartridge before the first use. Simply pull the wax cover off of the tip to begin using.

Model Numbers

Pink UE3H1008.13
Green UE3H1008.31
Red UE3H1008.15
Brown UE3H1008.21
Silver UE3H1008.43